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Peach Tea
(with sugar, please)
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5th-Mar-2011 10:48 pm - Against the Stacks
fandom1, video game
Title: Against the Stacks
Fandom: Naruto
Characters/pairings: shameless KakaSaku
Genres: romance smut, friendly banter (does that count as a genre?)
Rating: M
Warnings: cheap romance novels, dirty talk, and sex acts in the minor key
Words: roughly 4,374
Summary: Bibliophilia has a new meaning. Kakashi and Sakura discuss smut and places to stay for the night.

a/n: The bad!fic is just written in there to make my own sub-par not-really-porn look better in comparison. Hopefully you enjoy this even a little bit! Warning: It was mostly a rush job to make it in time for the KakaSaku Blindfolded competition (my prompt? #5: Exhibition). (Btw: this was supposed to be angsty, tense smut, but it turned into… this.) This is my first time. Please be gentle*.

* Pun 100% intended.

"*Any* girl would be fazed to find her (well-built) ex-teacher lying in nothing but his pajama pants on her couch."Collapse )

3rd-Feb-2011 05:42 pm - Letter from the Nest
fandom1, video game
Title: Letter from the Nest
Fandom: Fable (II-III)
Characters/pairings: Sparrow, Princess, Reaver (Reaver/Princess-y?), others
Rating: K+
Summary: Queen Sparrow writes her daughter a letter regarding one of her older enemies.

a/n: This is basically just me having fun with established characters (less established in Princess and Sparrow's case) and filling in some blanks. It's shippy if you squint. Can also be found here on fanfiction.net. 

I suppose by the time you've met him (and I don't doubt it; I only want to prepare you for it), he will look different still. Collapse )
6th-Jan-2011 04:54 pm - Birthday
confetti, cute

Title: Birthday
Fandom: Bleach
Characters/pairings: Ulquihime
Rating: K+
Summary: Rebirth is even messier than the real kind.

a/n: I’m traumatizing Orihime again. If I keep writing fic, she’ll never get any sleep. This is like the mellower/more depressing, longer sister of this drabble. Anyway, I originally wrote this for Ulquiorra’s birthday challenge, but I set it to the side and only recently came back to it. I apologize for some of the lingering quirks. Enjoy. :)  (Also here on fanfiction.net. )

"He is not the same. He is a warm, beating thing, and he is slowly dying."Collapse )

23rd-Dec-2010 09:01 pm - Turtles
confetti, cute
title: Turtles
giftee/prompt: for 3kame ; Mori/Haruhi, turtles (obvious like woah) :)
rating/warning: K
characters/pairings: Mori/Haruhi, mentions of Tamaki/Haruhi
word count: 1,669
summary: Haruhi and Mori recover a bond over Christmas break. Haruhi muses on turtles.
notes: Er, this is my first time writing Mori/Haruhi, but I hope you enjoy it! I might edit it a little in the next couple of days, since some bits are still kinda meh.

"Is that a turtle?"Collapse )
13th-Dec-2010 04:59 pm - The Queen
badassery, misc 3, video game 2
Title: The Queen
Rating: M (underage girls and alcohol, mentions of sex, foul language)
Characters/Pairings: Liz, Patti
Summary: When life deals you lemons, play cards
Notes: Liz’s life on the streets. Originally written for se_ladyfest  for pikabot ; you can find the original post here and this new, cleaned-up version on fanfiction.net.
"Did you know her portrait's based off a real queen's?"Collapse )
14th-Nov-2010 07:51 pm - The Lucid Princess
confetti, cute

Title: The Lucid Princess
Fandom: Naruto
Pairings/characters: Kakashi/Sakura
Rating: T
Warnings: language and violence, sexy stuff; possible canon contradictions and factual inaccuracies
Word count: 16, 825 (... it's in parts)
Summary: When Sakura and Kakashi accept a transport mission, sexual and political tensions create (literal and figurative) fireworks.
a/n: I loved writing this so much that it got completely out of control. I wrote this for the KakaSaku 'Underneath the Underneath' anonymous contest, under the alias 'nimbus'. You can read my entry and others here. OR you can read it here on fanfiction.net.

(Dear self, reviews are here. Because I know how vain you are.)

1st-Nov-2010 05:52 pm - The Dust Forest
confetti, cute

Title: The Dust Forest
Fandom: FFXII
Characters/Pairings: Fran, Mjrn, Jote, Balthier/Fran
Rating: (light?) M
Warnings: mostly mentions of violence, including sexual violence
Word Count: 2,914
Author's notes: Yay Bjork! I appreciate feedback. :) Also here on fanfiction.net.

in a forest of dust/lives a creature called lustCollapse )
28th-Sep-2010 05:39 pm - A-Z Pairing Meme
confetti, cute
A-Z Multifandom Drabble Meme
fandoms: so far Ouran and Bleach
ratings: everything K-M
warnings: sex, violence, angst, Orihime-loving, crack pairings... and typos?
a/n: If you leave me a nifty prompt, I will love you. If you leave me feedback, I will love you more. This'll be open as long as I need to fill the 26 prompts; DON'T be afraid to make a request here even if it's been months since its inception. I might abandon it. Then again, I might fill it for kicks. So try me.
he knows about A-B-C, 1-2-3, X-Y-Z/but he doesn't know a thing about X-T-CCollapse )
19th-Aug-2010 11:29 pm - Skins
confetti, cute
title: Skins
fandom: Bleach
pairing: GinRan
rating: K+?
words: 316
warnings: spoilers for the latest chapters
a/n: An simple, uber-short ficlet that popped into my head. It was a welcome relief from all the long!fic I'm occupied with.

how to save your skinCollapse )
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