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Peach Tea
(with sugar, please)
BAD BLOOD: a Jake/Sherry FST 
1st-Dec-2012 01:08 am

notes: This began as a Sherry FST soon after the first trailers were released. As much as I enjoyed aspects of 6, I felt they could have had so much more emotional impact with Jake's storyline (and what was with regulating Sherry to the whole cheerleader role? she has more emotional baggage than an emotional cargo hold, ok, WHERE ARE THOSE PROBLEMS I WANT TO SEE THEM). In ways, this mix reflects a darker version - what I wanted to see - more than what I view as canon.There are nonetheless so many roots between them - so much history that they don't seem quite aware of - that I can't help but enjoy them for all their potential. 

So here's this. Enjoy. 



1. DLZ - tv on the radio 
(bad blood: a legacy)

never you mind
death professor
love is life
my love is better

2. CONFIDE IN ME - hurts 

I can keep a secret
and throw away the key
but sometimes to release it
is to set our children free

3. WALLS - beck ft. cat power

what are you gonna do
when those walls are falling down?
falling down on you?


I will never disappear
forever, I'll be here...

I'm laying down, eating snow
my fur is hot my tongue is cold
on a bed of spider webs
I think of how to change myself

 5. WOLF LIKE ME - tv on the radio 

got a curse you cannot lift
shines when the sunset shifts...
mirror my malady

transfer my tragedy

6. POST-BLUE - placebo

it's in the water, baby
it's in our family tree
it's in the water, baby
it's between you and me

7. DRINK ME - anna nalick
(Sherry's childhood)

I'll take another 'drink me', baby
slowly I'll disappear
and wear my life like a barbed wire necklace
so let's play truth or dare

8. O CHILDREN - nick cave & the bad seeds 
(government agent)

the cleaners have done their job on you
they're hip to it, man, they're in the groove
they've hosed you down, you're good as new
and they're lining up to inspect you

9. NO ONE WOULD RIOT FOR LESS - bright eyes 
(no hope left)

so love me now
hell is coming
you kiss my mouth
hell is here


you're dangerous 'cause you're honest
you're dangerous
you don't know what you want
you left my heart empty as a vacant lot
for any spirit to haunt

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