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Peach Tea

(with sugar, please)

Peach Tea - shinebunny's fanfiction
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shinebunny's fanworks

welcome to the tea party

Hello, welcome to ♥ sugarpeach_tea, a community that serves expressly as a fanfiction dump for ♥ shinebunny. It houses all of her fanfiction as of April, 2008 - for links to fanfiction posted in her personal journal before that time, see the post tagged as 'archives'.

Formerly, she had too much time on her hands. Now she (by which I mean I) have a FICS folder of half-written scraps that are completely un-postable. Eeek.

I don't have betas for the grand majority of my fic, so you get a few typos, misspellings, and sundry other issues throughout. I try to groom my fic myself, but I'm looking for a sort-of beta. If you're a decent writer and a fan of my fic, feel free to volunteer for possible future projects in the fandom of your choice.


currently working on:

♥ an Ashe (FFXII) oneshot, Chocobo Down for the ff_exchange
♥ smutty KakaSaku for the Blindfolded challenge (... let's see how this turns out)
♥ a FFXII oneshot focusing on Fran, Balthier, an apartment in Archades, and a precocious brat
multifandom ficlet requests"
♥ 'The Wrong Blood' - a tentatively titled KakaSaku multi-chaptered fic
♥ the epilogue of Lovesick

"Writing is both mask and unveiling."

-E.B. White

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